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Orchid & Ore

Real Orchid Dendrobium GLOW in the Dark Labellum Earrings Firefly Yellow Green

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Orchids that glow like they were grown in the forests of Pandora! They're special and almost as rare as unobtainium itself. Did we mention how much we love Avatar? 

In our gardens we cultivate real Orchids that are harvested, hand painted with special UV reactive pigments, and preserved in resin.

Orchid Species: Dendrobium
Orchid Labellum Size: Medium
Orchid Color: Firefly Yellow-Green
Material Earring Stud:
Stainless Steel 


***Orchids and Glow Ores must first be charged by bright direct light. For best results charge with a UV light. ***

***Actual design received may vary slightly from the image as each flower is unique, just as nature intended!***

Locally grown and created on planet EARTH in the United States, FL

All designs copyright 2022

Orchid and Ore Trademark pending 2022

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