Project Bright Earth

Please help keep our little spot in the universe bright....

How can you help protect bioluminescent creatures? Did you know some of these brilliant creatures are classified as vulnerable or even endangered? Sadly, these organisms could become nothing more than a memory if we don’t take action to help save their populations for future generations. Please check out some of these practical tips we can all do to help keep our Earth bright!

Help the Fireflies

Let the Fireflies be free, don’t catch us!
Turn off outside lights, we like it dark!
We need homes, so keep the mulch and leaf litter around for us
Plant native pollinator plants and trees
Use NO pesticides, it makes us sick!
Compost, use natural fertilizers- keep it real!
Don’t over mow, that’s right doing LESS work actually helps us!


Help the Sea Pens and Bamboo Coral
Be an advocate, spread the word
Volunteer- Beach and Reef Clean ups
Use your diving manners, don't touch the reefs or anchor boats to them
Choose Sunscreen that's reef friendly
Avoid pesticides, the runoff makes us sick!
Conserve Water
Clean up after beach visits, leave nothing behind but your footprints.


Help African Springhares
Avoid the use of snares and guns, we want to live!
Leave us space to live, we need a home too!
Develop agriculture away from critical landscapes
Another way to help…
Every purchase from our BRIGHT EARTH PROJECT plants 1 native pollinator plant.

We’re doing our part!

Thanks for doing yours!

You’re our hero!

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What we're planting now...
Noyau vine (Distimake dissectus)
AKA Split Leaf Morning Glory
Noyau/Alamo Vine



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